The Secure Domain Foundation (SDF) is a Canadian incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to the vision of an open and secure Internet. We are a public benefit community driven organization.

Our primary mission is to provide Domain Name Registrars, registries (ccTLD & gTLD), hosting providers, DNS operators, and other Internet infrastructure providers with the tools they need to combat abuse of their services and a forum for sharing intelligence on bad actors.

SDF and Internet Infrastructure Coalition facilitate an online dialogue about domain name abuse reporting criteria

The Secure Domain Foundation and Internet Infrastructure Coalition invite you to participate in an online dialogue about domain name abuse reporting criteria. Domain name abuse reporting is a critical part of fighting cybercrime and preserving the integrity of the Domain Name System. However, the lack of uniform domain name abuse criteria is a frequently cited concern for Internet infrastructure providers seeking to adequately respond to abuse complaints

We invite the abuse reporting community, including LEA, the IP and anti-abuse communities, to join with Internet infrastructure providers to accomplish the common goal of improving abuse reporting.

SDF Releases Report (June 2015): The Cost of Doing Nothing: The Business Case for Proactive Anti-Abuse

A few key findings from the report include:

  • Bad customers are bad for business
  • It is more expensive to be reactive than proactive
  • Proactive anti-abuse saves money in the long run and makes registrars less attractive to would-be cyber criminals


We provide a reputation and validation API which allows users to quickly identify potential abuse; as well as enabling Domain Registrars to meet and exceed several of the "Whois Accuracy Program" compliance requirements outlined in ICANN's 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.


Our criteria document is currently in a public comment phase. Please weigh in on what factors should be used to determine that a domain name is malicious.